Artist’s Statement

Angela Orr explores the human condition but more specifically the aspects of dealing with the very personal and seemingly private exposure of emotions associated with a death in the family and the long-term effects on mental health.

Research is based on societal influences that reflect our lack of interest in painful reminders, and the influences of the aftermath of an event where the behaviour of the few affects the masses.  She analyses the collective need to hide behind an emotional wall, which can sometimes provide us with an impenetrable barrier from the outside to the devastation going on inside. This duality makes clear that there is a ray of hope to be found even over the tallest and most daunting of barriers.

The variety of works show a divergent path which includes investigations of a somewhat illustrative nature balanced by looser expressive paintings. This has had a transformative effect on colour sometimes usurping all other avenues of exploration.  The intuitive painting that she has been producing ooze a need for realising hope is a comfort in driving her forward and her own thirst for positivity!

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