I have been a little nostalgic as I contemplate my direction of creativity for 2018. I have been looking at my journey through college from my early expressive works to my figurative works in the final 2 years. The one thing in have found in all of them is the constant fight with what is considered a drawing!

It was once asked of me by a tutor l had, what makes a drawing a drawing, and a painting a painting? l must admit I thought this was a particularly confusing question at the time, but through various experimentations with medium and subject and l have arrived at what, with hindsight, is an answer… me!!! I decide when my drawing is a drawing and what the drawing needs for me to consider it so.  It does not have to be a masterpiece, in pencil or realistic… it just has to be! l will be drawing a little more over the coming year and who knows what this may be… l sure don’t, but that’s where the fun is!

I hope you all have a wonderfully creative 2018, but before you go check out my new sketchbook page that shows a little of my more illustrative works.


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