“half full” or “half empty”

During the creation of work, I really enjoy embracing colour on any level, having experimented with a limited palette to a multi-coloured frenzy.  The pieces featured are on the latter end of the scale where I have continued to reflect on colour schemes evident of “half full” rather than “half empty”.

I have been repeating the same small walk on many occasions in an area that has only had houses on it for around 20 years or so, making me think of the many things good and bad that have happened in this little area of the walkway, and the impact they have on people living in the wider geographical area, whilst continuing to keenly listen and be aware of the surrounding beauty of the frost crunching underfoot and the wildlife that inhabits here.  It is all part of the enticing beauty of the place lost among the houses that now possess the majority of the site.  I will go on to share empathy of place and people through my colourful works of happiness and mixed media expressionism.

The emotional response of “empathy” has to come from a person that has developed healthy social attachments as it requires a complex set of skills that can only be learned… although I secretly think that some people can be slightly more naturally attuned to the emotional state of others… the problem comes when trying to manage these little nuances.  However, there are very real reasons why a person cannot process emotions of this sort, but that is another post.  The three major components are mentalising, prosocial concern and experience sharing.  Outwith the realm of being a psychologist, it is felt that my empathy falls into the mentalising category as I try to take on another person’s perspective.

Here are a few of my mixed media works so far…


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