Working on a few landscapes at the minute using mixed media to stretch my boundaries, of what drawing and mark making actually can be. Through the creation of multiples and possibly a series of works, l start to realise that l am powered completely by my emotions (not anything new if you know me) and led by the weather on this very glorious wintery day (Tuesday).  This, for me, is only a small step in the process of these works, which will in time grow to truly represent the vision in my mind of the areas l visit while walking the dog.

When out walking l listen, sometimes hearing nothing or just the distant noises of people and animals, and use this to invoke the feeling of when l was visiting this place. It doesn’t take long for my mind to start to wander and drift to the main driver of my work… people!! l tend to think who was visiting here today, what did they do, who were they with, what were they thinking, what is happening in their life… Can we really through imagination/ empathy/ voyeurism walk in another person’s shoes? I would say that is where this research is beginning to take me… and it is sure to be a divergent jaunt of discovery!


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